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Smallville Mailsack!

I'm thirty-five years old, and I stopped reading comics regularly about 5 years ago when they became too expensive and too "real."

I started reading them when I was about six.  My first comic was Superboy/LSH #208.  I was a kid, they were kids, and I was hooked.  I spent countless hours reading and drawing the Legionnares, and countless allowances buying their adventures.  For a kid growing up, it was great to get away from schoolwork and chores and just go to a simpler time (Smallville) or to the future.

I read many comics over the years and collected thousands, with S/LSH always remaining my favorite.  Then, in so many comics, the stories became gritty, the language filthy, and the prices ridiculously high.  And besides, Superboy was "dead."

Then I discovered this site, and after reading so many Superboy comics I could visualize each scene that took place, and it took me back to that simpler time and place.  I love it.  Thank you, Mr. Hawkins; you made my day.

David Pressley, June 22, 2002


I am a big Superman fan and i really liked the stories - great job!                                                    

Lancer11785, May 25, 2002


Superboy lives!  I have been waiting so very long for his return!  I have to admit, I am glad the "new" Superboy in DC Comics is going away.  He never could hold a candle to the original Superboy's courage, honor and exciting spirit.

Thank you for bringing the Superboy I know and love back!

ED, May 4, 2002


Those first few paragraphs at the beginning of chapter two comprise one of my most favoured passages of all time, and the reason why I enjoy Samuel Hawkins' stories so much (particularly the closing of "Strange Visitor").  A beautiful study of how the boy's life was so different and above that of 'normal men' in the application of his mind and super-senses.  Excellent stuff.

I had no problems picking up Maggin's Last Son of Krypton  but it took me a long while before I was able to find a copy of Miracle Monday (this was 15 years ago, before  I'd always wished that I could find more authors like Maggin, and then discovered your site a year ago.

Eagerly looking forward to more Hawkins stories!


Brad Rosser, May 4, 2002


I have always been a fan of Superman and Superboy comics and wish I had been collecting them when I was a kid.  Like most kids, back in the 1960s, none of us knew how valuable the comics we paid 10 cents for would be worth.  Anyhow, to make a long story short, when I was about 10 years old (1964) I wrote a letter to the Smallville Mailsack and it was printed in a Superboy comic.  I don't remember the number but I seem to remember the cover: Superman was coming out of a time machine and meeting himself.  That was the issue my letter was in.  If you have access to any Superboy or Superman comics from the mid 1960s, my letter was from Danny Rickless, Rochester, NY and the question I had asked was about why Superman could have a nightmare if he was invulnerable.  The editor wrote back that while they said Superman was invulnerable to physical harm, a nightmare was a horse of a different color.  I do not have any comics these days, and I would really be thrilled to see my letter again.  I seem to remember that the issue's # was either in the mid 60 numbers, or the 90s.  If you have any way of locating that issue and finding my letter in the Smallville Mailsack... and perhaps would be kind enough to scan it for me.... I would be very grateful.  At the age of 47 now, being able to glimpse a piece of my childhood with my comics would be priceless to me.

Thank you,
Daniel Rickless, October 24, 2001


Dear Sirs;

Just dropping you a line saying how much my family has enjoyed reading your stories.  Mr. Hawkins is an excellent author.

We look forward to the next superboy adventure!

Bravo, Mr. Hawkins!!

- The Rupp Family, March 10, 2001

You know, I'm not going to lie...

...I don't like fan fiction.  Every time I've tried to read some, I've always ended up thinking it was a silly waste of my time.  In my eyes, the stories were nothing more than the authors living out their fantasies of writing comics/tv shows/etc.  It was ridiculous.  I promised myself I'd never read another one.  Again, it was a waste of time.

And then I stumbled on Superboy Lives.

And then I was blown away.

So far, I've only read the first chapter of "Taking Time", but I can't resist writing to you and giving you the praise you deserve.  The lone chapter has to be one of the most well crafted bits of Superman related storytelling I have read in years.  It's been awhile, I admit, since I've read a "mainstream" Superman/Superboy/etc. story, but this is much better than what I remember.

Combining the mystique and innocence of the Pre-Crisis Superboy with an updated, more mature aspect is done in such a marvelous way that one would have to be foolish or illiterate not to enjoy it.  Even if one was not a fan of superheroes, this first chapter could be viewed as a small piece itself, about the ending innocence of childhood.

Mr. Hawkins, you have put out a wonderful work.  I'm honestly extremely thrilled with the prospect of reading further.  I hope you can find a way in your busy schedule to allow yourself to put out even more.

Looking forward to the rest,

- J. Keatinge, October 28, 2000

June 11, 2006

January 20, 2002

February 16, 2001

March 16, 2001

August 5, 2002



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