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Tomorrow's Lesson, by Samuel Hawkins


Cosmic Boy possesses the power of super-magnetism, which he inherited from his parents who migrated from the planet BRAAL!  Evolution has given Brallians the power to magnetically battle metal monsters who roam that world!

Cosmic Boy!

Superboy! SUPERBOY

Superboy comes from the planet Krypton, which had a red sun.  His super-powers include invulnerability, flying, super-strength, super-speed, X-ray vision, and heat vision!  more

Lightning Lad! LIGHTNING LAD

Lightning Lad gained a mastery of lightning when a blast from a lightning monster on the planet Korbal freakishly electrified his body!

Saturn Girl! SATURN GIRL

Saturn Girl comes from Saturn, where all people can perform amazing mental feats!

Chameleon Boy! CHAMELEON BOY

Chameleon Boy inherited his weird power to disguise himself as anything from his parents, natives of the planet DURLA!

Triplicate Girl! TRIPLICATE GIRL

Triplicate Girl comes from the planet CARGG, where a triple sun imbued all inhabitants with the power of splitting into three bodes!  Triplicate Girl sometimes shocks her cohorts on Earth who expect to be dating ONE girl!


Brainiac 5 is a direct descendent of the space villain!  His force-shield can protect him from danger and his "computer mind" can perform intricate calculations in seconds!

Brainiac 5!


Sun Boy was accidently locked inside an atomic reactor chamber!  The atomic bombardment transformed him into a human beacon of blazing light and heat!

Sun Boy!

Phantom Girl! PHANTOM GIRL

Phantom Girl came to Earth from the planet BGZTL, in the 4th dimension, which co-exists, unseen, in the same space Earth occupies!

Colossal Boy! COLOSSAL BOY

Colossal Boy has to power of super-growth gained from the radiation effect of a meteor from outer space!

Shrinking Violet! SHRINKING VIOLET

Shrinking Violet inherited her shrinking powers from her parents who came from the planet IMSK!

Bouncing Boy! BOUNCING BOY

Bouncing Boy gained the power of super-bouncing when he drank a scientist's strange potion, mistaking it for soda-pop!

Invisible Kid! INVISIBLE KID

Invisible Kid is a young genius who invented a serum that enables him to become invisible!

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